The slim and light-weight CS-1600 CCD barcode scanner provides high-sensitivity 2500 pixels CCD scan engine with a light-weight, easy-to-fit handheld design to make long-time operation be labor less and enhance productivity.

With the outstanding scanning speed and decoding performance, CS-1600 barcode scanner is ideal for most integrated system or machines. The desirable scan rang (up to 18 cm) ensures CS-1600 suitable for groceries, chain store service, inventory data management, and many other interior and office applications. Moreover, the stylish and ergonomic designs make the scanning process easier and more comfortable.

Accurate, reliable and easy to use, CS-1600 is the ideal choice for your daily data accessing applications.


  • Scan Speed: 250 scan/sec
  • Scan Range: up to 18 cm
  • Wave Length: 590 nm
  • Reading PCS: 0.45
  • Full Featured & Full Functions.
  • High-Speed 2500 Pixels CCD Sensor.
  • Interface: Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB