Omni-Directional / Single-Line Dual Scan Modes Handsfree Barcode Scanner

Omni hands-free barcode scanner provides first-rate performance with reasonable cost-effective merit. Small footprint envelope saves valuable counter room and helping operators to carry out transactions with ease. It not only works as stationary scanner but it also capable to work as hand-held unit for larger and bulky items. The high scan rate engine, powerful decoding ability and plenty of programming parameters ensure scanning barcode as an easy and pleasant job.


  • Depth of Field: 25-280 mm
  • Sensitive Automatic Sensor.
  • Scan Rate: 1650 lines/sec
  • Dual Scan Modes (Omni-Scan & Single-Line Scan).
  • Compact Design & Solid Structure.
  • Space-Saving Rotating Footprint.
  • Interface: RS-232, USB, Keyboard Wedge