High-Speed Mini Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanner

The FCS-500 is a mini-sized fixed-mount barcode scanner with light and compact designs. The durable material housing design is ideal for reliability demands applications especially under harsh environments.

With the high-sensitivity CCD scanning technology, FCS-500 can perform long-time tasks and limited space. The mini-sized and easy-installation mechanism design enable FCS-500 embedded module as well: conveyer, library and document tracking applications.

The high-speed scanning image technology (up to 360 scan/sec) allows FCS-500 to perform daily tasks that accuracy and speed are required, such as Inventory tracking system, automatic test and processing equipment, and many other automated data entry devices.


  • 360 scan/sec High-speed CCD image sensor.
  • Resolution: 1500 pixels
  • Durable and compact housing.
  • Easy operation and configuration.
  • Scan Mode: Continuous or by Commands
  • Scan Button support (bottom).
  • Ideal for embedded applications.