The GS-6000 and GS-6500 Laser Barcode Scanner introduce the fast-scanning laser engine and high-precision scan engine for industrial applications, especially manufacturing process managements and logistic / warehouse inventory managements.

The ergonomic exterior design enables GS-6000 and GS-6500 easy to grab and operate for longer operating time and, for easy installation, the detachable interface cable can make GS-6000 / GS-6500 change the interface for maintenance or for the change of installations. User don't need to purchase different interfaces of barcode scanners anymore, and the reliability of GS-6000 / GS-6500 still ensure fascinating performance of massive scan tasks as well.


  • High-Sensitivity Laser Scan Engine.
  • Scan Speed: 200 scan/sec (GS-6000) / 100 scan/sec (GS-6500)
  • Depth of Field: 3 ~ 55 mm (max) (GS-6000) / 3 ~ 50 cm (max) (GS-6500)
  • 32-bit Decoding Technology.
  • Ergonomic Design and Durable Housing.
  • Interface: RS-232, USB, Keyboard Wedge
  • Exchangeable cable (interface).