32-bit High-Speed Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanner

FCS-700 is a compact-size fixed-mount barcode scanner for stationary installation. With the new 32-bit decoding technology, FCS-700 can identify various barcodes swiftly; and the 250scan/sec high-sensitivity CCD scan engine ensures the scan accuracy, especially in a less light location.

Lightweight, easy to install and compact, FCS-700 is your on-site scan assistant for your item management.


  • 32-bit decoding technology.
  • 2500 Pixels CCD sensor.
  • Scan Speed: 250 scan/sec
  • Wave length: 590nm
  • Depth of Field: 5 ~ 25 cm
  • Width of Field: 15 cm (long distance max.)
  • Reading PCS: 0.45
  • Interfaces support (Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB).