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Labeling & Tracking

12th Dec 2018 Labeling & Tracking


TYSSO provides inventory management solution of labeling and tracking

Receiving, sorting, collecting, and delivering…, large quantities with huge categories of materials, parts, and products are need to be set to order and easy to be found. For that the solution of management – Labeling and Tracking is the simple and effective method widely adapted to various fields of industries and applications: manufacturing, retail, logistics, delivering, and even your packages ordered from internet.

TYSSO's industrial grade barcode label printer, BLP-410, is a large capacity label printer that support thermal-transfer and thermal-direct printing methods. You can print up to 4-inch barcode labels with QR code and images as product labels for item identification. With the assist of GS-6000 and GS-6500 barcode scanners, item examining and sorting jobs are no longer trifling yet heavy-duty tasks anymore.

BCP-8000, the portable barcode data collector is an easy-operating barcode data terminal for on-site inventory examination and management. By assigning less human sources with BCP-8000 to the specified locations, inventory quantities, location, and categories can be easily collected and stored; all of the collected data of inventories can be transfer to the Workstation with Cradle and Utility and put to order within little time.

Simple, Fast and Mobility, TYSSO's Labeling and Tracking solution can help you reduce cost and labor yet assure the satisfying efficiency.