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POS Solution Provider – TYSSO an DATAVAN

Ink Solution for Quality- Printer and Copier

Founded in 2012, The company merged with three major technology companies (Smart Office International, Omkar Business House and ACME Technology) and grew with a strong R&D background, and the whole team is committed to staying at the leading edge of the Toner Refilling, Printer/Copier maintenance.

Omkar Organization, is a leading Toner Refilling, Printer/Copier maintenance, AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) and POS solution provider. It was a toner refilling, IT trading company and had soon expanded and become a Sole Authorized Distributor of TYSSO AND DATAVAN in the POS terminal system and AIDC market in 2018. Our products and services are widely used in various industries such as finance, medical services, sports, recreation, retail and hospitality, and won a number of customers nationwide.

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