Omkar Refilling Benifits

Cost Saving

80% cost saving without compromising on the page yield.

Printing Quality

Printing quality page yield is as equal as original.

Performance Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed

Ink and Toner Quality

Use of high quality Ink and
Toner powder

Professional Engineers

Professional application Qualifies
Refilling engineers.

Refilling Technique

Technically advance refilling on
Highly Equipped Machineries.

Omkar Repairing Benifits

Cutting costs.

You will pay a set monthly amount and can gauge your per-printed-page costs. There are no surprises. You can predict not only your maintenance and supply costs, but also your usage.

Familiarity with your tech.

Chances are you know your copier repair person well. At Omkar Org., our techs have been serving our customers for years. They have tenure and experience. They know the equipment, and they know our customers.

Freeing up your IT department.

When you call someone in your Service Department to fix your printer, you may be taking them away from critical projects. Leave printer repairs to expert technicians who can quickly complete the job.

Similarity of technology

Virtually all laser printers function in the same way, no matter who the manufacturer is. That makes it easy for a tech to readily handle an entire laser printer fleet, even if you’ve got a mix of brands.

Availability of parts and support

Techs can access any service manual or manufacturer’s printer support. Plus, your tech will know which aftermarket products work the best. If you order online, you may not get the highest quality parts or any type of guarantee.

Fast, dependable response time.

With most Omkar Org. agreements, you’re guaranteed same-day repairs – often within just a short time of your service call.

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